Solmech Energy

Get to Know ACDB / DCDB

Solmech is the best Solar ACDB supplier based in Himatnagar, Gujarat. the AC distribution box or ACDB provides protection from any type of short circuit to the home appliance. We provide high quality ACDB at best price in market. supplier of solar products such as single phase acdb with energy meter, ac spd, and ryb lamp

Solmech is best Solar DCDB supplier based in Himatnagar, Gujarat.The DC distribution box, or DCDB, manages the DC current supplied by solar panels. We provide high quality DCDB at best price in market.We offer you a complete set of solar DC combiner boxes with 1-in-1-out for 1-3.5 kw DC mcb and DC spd.

1-5 kW 1 In 1 Out ACDB

5-10 kW 1 In 1 Out ACDB

11-18 kW 1 In 1 Out ACDB

19-25 kW 1 In 1 Out ACDB

1-3.5 kW 1 In 1 OUT DCDB

4-7 kW 2 In 2 Out DCDB

8-10 kW 2 In 2 Out DCDB

11-16 kW 3 In 3 Out DCDB