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Energy Independence for your Business

Our experts do the legwork. From designing the Solar rooftop system to handover, we represent a safe investment and guaranteed results. We provide you with customized solutions, unmatched in terms of quality and savings potential.
A home solar system must provide enough electric energy to fulfil all the power requirements of a home. To keep this purpose in mind, Ksquare provides end to end solar rooftop solutions for home and other residential applications. Here, you can save and earn from your idle rooftop space.
Solmech is a leading solar energy solutions provider for residential applications. Our vast experience has made Solmech a leading choice to go solar for the solar rooftop. Solmech has the expertise to install solar panels on the rooftop on a bungalow or tenement. Our solution gives an optimum performance which is also very good measured at 25 years, which concludes as electricity for less and results in a happy household.







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Invest in solar

We invite you to be part of the India growth story as well as the rise of Solar Power as the new source of power for the same.

One-Stop Solution For Your Home

Solmech offers complete End to End Solutions from planning and design through to
project construction and connection to the grid as well as maintenance and care of Solar System

  • Engineered and Customized by IITians

  • Directly from Manufacturer

  • Complete Peace of Mind

  • Best Quality System

  • Easy Financing Solutions

  • Local Expertise, Backed by a Global Brand

  • Attractive Subsidy by Government

  • Best Investment for your Home

  • Make Money From Sun

  • Reliability and Low Maintenance

  • Environmental Responsibilityt

  • Protection against rising utility costs